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Smash Attack (also called KO Attack) is the most ubiquitous form attack seen in Beyblade and focuses on hitting the opposing Beyblade with enough force to deplete their spin completely or knock them out of the stadium.

Points of Pressure[]

One of the fundamentals of physics is that a finer point applies more pressure than a broad point applied with the same force. Wikipedia puts it as this:

"As an example of varying pressures, a finger can be pressed against a wall without making any lasting impression; however, the same finger pushing a thumbtack can easily damage the wall. Although the force applied to the surface is the same, the thumbtack applies more pressure because the point concentrates that force into a smaller area."

This is applied to Beyblade for Smash Attack. Essentially, the finer the point of contact on the Beyblade, the more pressure is applied.


Smash Attack utilizes high linear speeds and aggressively shaped contact points to impart large amounts of linear recoil to the opponent. The characteristics listed below help with ensuring your bey blasts away opponents and leaves them in the dust.

Tip Choice[]

A Flat Cylindrical tip made out of Rubber is considered the best type of tip for Smash Attack as they provide High Speeds and can consistently maintain a movement pattern that resembles a Flower. The high friction also helps mitigate self recoil on collisions.


The overall weight can have drastic effects on a Smash Attacker's performance. It's a Trade Off of benefits and detriments for being Light Weight versus being a Heavy Bruiser. Being light allows the beys to be really quick, potentially creating a ton of force as speed is squared in generating force, but make it struggle against very heavy opponents. Being Heavy allows you to have ton of momentum and push thing away with ease, but being too heavy can make it hard to launch leading to low power and speed.

Weight Distribution[]

While focusing the weight towards the center may give a higher spin velocity, this isn't of much use to most Smash Attackers. By utilizing Outward Weight Distribution, the Bey will increase the movement speed as well as increasing the torque allowing it to hit harder.

Parts Selection[]

Attack Rings[]


The most popular AR for Smash Attack in Left Spin, and with good reason. With eight sets of spikes, light-weight and great attack range, it fulfills every prerequisite of Smash Attack perfectly.

Triple Wing has many small notches and protrusions and these, combined with the ends of its three main attacking spikes, give it formidable Smash Attack. This is possibly the most popular AR choice for Smash Attack in Right Spin.

Long overlooked due to a ban on Hidden Spirits, this AR features fearsome Smash Attack with it's four sharp, well-spaced, well-angled wingtips. It also comes with the ability to severely damage the opponent's stamina (if not stopping them outright). Unfortunately this AR has a tendecy to break stadium walls or opposing beyblades (especially more fragile ones)

This is one of the best Smash Attack ARs, even with it's rather high recoil. It has four large ram heads that provide blunt force for huge Smash Attack in Right Spin. In left spin it appears too poorly angled to be effective, but it carries a protruding ridge that counters the poor angle of the contact points, providing ferocious Smash Attack as well, and as a result this is one of the few Smash Attack ARs that is effective in both spin directions. However, this AR is too fragile, too expensive and too rare to see widespread competitive use.

Triple Tiger has three tiger heads that provide devastating Smash Attack in right spin , and it's overhang means it can reach lower opponents even on tall bases (e.g Customize Grip Base) with little trouble. Combined with it's ready availability, it is one of the best economical choices.

G Upper has four left-facing, well-spaced, well-angled and sharp contact points. It also has slopes it can use to destabilize opponents, and the majority of it's weight is focused behind the contact points. Unfortunately it only works well in left spin and is quite expensive.

Heavy Metal System[]

Despite its name, Slash Upper seems far more focused on Smash Attack than Upper Attack. The ends of its Upper Attack slopes provide a strong point of contact, but where it really shines is in Left Spin, with six metal notches on the underside of the metal frame designed for powerful Smash Attack.

While very compact, Jiraiya Blade's Heavy Weight and Contact Point Shape makes it look and act like a Sledge Hammer. In right spin the leading contact points are plastic which is relatively fragile on collision with metal. In left spin, Jiraiya Blade lands nasty blows and could throw off your opponents expectations.