The Snake Pit Organization is a so-called training ground in Beyblade Burst Evolution. In reality, it is a secret evil organization devoted to creating the ultimate bey using research and is made up of a team of elite bladers. The Organization's headquarters is in Mexico.





Leader of the Shadow Bladers:

Shadow Bladers:

Other Members:



  • The Snake Pit's role in Beyblade Burst is similar to those of the BIOVOLT and BEGA Leagues in the Original Series as well as the Dark Nebula, Hades Inc., and Dark Nebula Again organizations in the Metal Saga.
  • Every Blader is known for having a nickname that starts with a colour, followed by the word "Eye". This, along with the organization's name, might refer to the term "snake eyes."
  • Additionally, the term refers to complete failure (what the Snake Pit does not accept).
  • The members of the organization's Shadow Bladers use a "Shadow" variation of the main characters' Beyblades: Shadow Valtryek, Shadow Roktavor, Shadow Wyvron, Shadow Doomscizor, and Shadow Cognite.