Soaring Wing Pegasus Box

Soaring Wing Pegasus box.

Soaring Wing Pegasus is a Speed-Type BeyWheel, part of the 2012 BeyWheelz toyline. It will appear in the upcoming anime, BeyWheelz with its owner, Sho. It was released in Summer 2012 in North America.

It is based on the Pegasus series of Beyblades.


Soaring Wing Pegasus is the first of the BeyWheelz and as its name suggests, it is based on the actual Pegasus Beyblades.

It has a Face Bolt which depicts a Pegasus facing left with its head down and its right wing raised. Also, the head's seen with hair traveling down to its neck, with a pointed ear. Outlined in black, the whole face is red.

Its Energy Ring is two-sided with a stylized, skinny wing of a Pegasus and jagged red spikes on them. The wing is blue with a red highlight and the spikes are also red.

Its Wheel is grey and made up of many points, edges, and cuts; probably to represent battle scars. The wheel's interior also harbors an eccentric design, with many circles, gaps, and two wings.

Lastly, its Spin Track is four-sided. Here, there are four blue gaps with small red spikes all spread out. As a whole, the Spin Track is blue.



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