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Solid Iron Wall is a special move used by Dashan Wang, Chiyun Li, and Aguma.

Beyblade: Metal Masters[]

Solid Iron Wall 2

Solid Iron Wall is a 4000 year old technique created by the ancestors of the Beylin Temple. It is a defensive technique that is for told to be impenetrable. The technique is noted to be like mountains that won't budge against any storm.

Chi-yun first uses this technique to block all of Tsubasa's normal attacks without fail. Dashan next uses it to create a barrier that leaves Pegasus at bay for most of his match until Pegasus is able to break through it.

Dashan also used its power to successfully defend against Julian's Gravity Brave Special Move in it's left rotation attack mode. However, it broke against Klaus's Claw of the Storm special move.

Beyblade: Metal Fury[]

During the finals of the Gateway to Success Tournament, Aguma used the Solid Iron Wall technique when he was battling Gingka and Yuki.


  • For some reason when this move is activated, the enemy bey is seen at the edge of the stadium.