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Spear Dullahan D6 Boost Fusional-SP is a Balance Type Beyblade released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SpeedStorm System. It was released in western countries as a SpeedStorm Single Pack for USD$7.99 in the United States.

Storm Chip - Dullahan D6

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Hasbro's Dullahan D6 is a right-spin Storm Chip that features two armored heads representing the Storm Chip's namesake: Dullahan, the headless horseman of Irish mythology. Dullahan D6 has a standard weight for Hasbro Storm Chips, but has low Burst Resistance. Thus Dullahan D6 is outclassed by other right-spin Storm Chips such as Dragon D6.

Ring - Spear

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Hasbro's Spear is a Right-Spin Attack Type Ring based on the Dullahan D4 Energy Layer. Like its predecessor, it has four large blades in the shape of spearheads. Unfortunately, there is not much space between each of the blades; even with the elongated blades in comparison to Dullahan D4, they are not as sloped and lack effective contact points, reducing its Attack Potential. In addition, Spear is not round enough for Defense or Stamina Combinations, and its light weight means it has higher recoil than more suitable Energy Layers. As such, even in the Burst Limited and Hasbro-Only formats, Spear is heavily outclassed.

Like other Hasbro Rings, Spear is hollow on the underside and thus very light, comparable to SwitchStrike System Energy Layers in terms of weight.

Forge Disc - Boost

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Boost is a circular Forge-Disc with six small downward sloping blades present around its perimeter. In theory, the blades are meant to produce Down Force in Right-Spin to increase the grip of the Beyblade on the stadium floor by pushing air downward and create Upper Force in Left-Spin which would decrease the friction between the Beyblade and the stadium floor by pushing air upwards. In reality however, due to the small size of the blades, the Down/Upper Force created is negligible and the said blades serve no other purposes other than drastically reducing the Life-After-Death of Boost. Furthermore, Boost has a light weight even for a non-Core Disc and a poor weight distribution making it a poor choice for Attack, Defense and Stamina Combinations.

Performance Tip - Fusional-SP

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  • Spear Dullahan D6 is the only Hasbro exclusive Beyblade to be released as a part of the Beyblade Burst Surge SpeedStorm line.