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Spear Valtryek V6 Lore Universe-SPM is a Defense Type Beyblade released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SpeedStorm System. It was released in western countries as a part of the Regulus R6 & Spear Valtryek V6 Dual Pack for USD$14.99 in the United States.

Storm Chip - Valtryek V6

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Hasbro's Valtryek V6 is a right-spin Storm Chip that features an armored face with a stylized V adorning the helmet, akin to its GT Chip predecessor Valtryek V5. The design is intended to represent the Storm Chip's namesake, Odin's handmaidens in Norse mythology. Valtryek V6 has a subpar weight for Hasbro Storm Chips and mediocre Burst Resistance. Thus Valtryek V6 is heavily outclassed by other right-spin Storm Chips such as Dragon D6.

Ring - Spear

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Hasbro's Spear is a Right-Spin Attack Type Ring based on the Dullahan D4 Energy Layer. Like its predecessor, it has four large blades in the shape of spearheads. Unfortunately, there is not much space between each of the blades; even with the elongated blades in comparison to Dullahan D4, they are not as sloped and lack effective contact points, reducing its Attack Potential. In addition, Spear is not round enough for Defense or Stamina Combinations, and its light weight means it has higher recoil than more suitable Energy Layers. As such, even in the Burst Limited and Hasbro-Only formats, Spear is heavily outclassed.

Like other Hasbro Rings, Spear is hollow on the underside and thus very light, comparable to SwitchStrike System Energy Layers in terms of weight.

Forge Disc - Lore

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In-depth information for Hasbro’s Lore Forge Disc will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it. Please be patient.

Performance Tip - Universe-SPM

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Hasbro's Universe-SPM is the SpeedStorm Metal counterpart of the Universe Performance Tip. As such, it features a taller height than standard Performance Tips, as well as metal lining the sides.

Like its normal counterpart, it is a Defense Type Performance Tip that features a free spinning wide hemispherical ball tip with a free spinning outer ring. In theory, the wide ball tip would increase Knock-Out (KO) Defense by having greater surface area and friction. However, in practice the free spin of the wide ball tip reduces KO Defense. The free spinning outer ring is intended to keep the Universe-SPM combination upright after being knocked off balance, as well as acting as brakes to prevent Knock-Outs.

Due to the large surface area of the wide ball tip, Universe-SPM will typically circle around the ridge of the stadium when hard launched, resulting in a Self Knock-Out. However, this issue is not present in larger stadiums such as the Beystadium DB. This weakness means Universe-SPM should only be launched softly in smaller stadiums, and use against Same-Spin Opponents should be avoided.