Spike Gash Striker
Release Date(s)
Product Details
Product Code: W-12
Type: Speed
Spirit Axle: Striker
Spirit Shield: Striker
Energy Core: Spike
Attack Gear: Gash
Owner: Nicole Spears
First anime appearance: episode 5

Spike Gash Striker is a Speed-Type BeyWheel that can be obtained in the Thunder Flash 2-Pack. It is owned by Nicole Spears. It is based off the Striker series of Beyblades.

Spirit Axle: Striker

The Striker Spirit Axle is orange and shows a unicorn facing left. At seems to have energy waves coming from the horn.

This Spirit Axle does not resemble the Striker Face Bolt. The unicorn is painted in black.

Spirit Shield: Striker

The Striker Spirit Shield is fairly large compared to many other spirit shields and has two large spikes on its sides that resemble horns, that can provide and large and reliable shield. The Striker Spirit Shield is dark green in color with shiny blue highlights.

Energy Core: Spike

The Spike Energy Core is a strange speed energy core because it has eight large hooks and eight small hooks. These hooks cause the wheel to vibrate as it rolls increasing power. The original Spike core is light orange in color and is medium sized in width. Although top-class in Speed and decent enough in Stunts, in a Crash battle facing a denser core, Spike will be blown away due to its large size and little density. It looks similar the fushion wheel Dark from the metal saga in a way.

Attack Gear: Gash

The Gash Attack Gear has two spears sticking out of its side. These spikes deal massive damage if they hit another wheel and will usually win the battle if this happens making Gash a great choice for any customization; fairly outclassing Molten. Recommended customization: Doom Gash Drago. Gash also depicts two unicorn heads with the spikes protruding from them.



  • This bey is not to be confused with Dark Gasher CH120FS, this bey is based on the Striker series of beys.
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