Spin Gears (スピンギア Supin Gia) are a Beyblade Part implemented on July 2000. It was released as a part of the Spin Gear System and was last seen as a part of the Magnacore System.


Spin Gears are a small gear-like parts that determine the rotation direction of the Beyblade, either Right-Spin (clockwise) or Left-Spin (counter-clockwise). The Spin Gear's other purpose is to hold the entire Beyblade together.


Standard Spin Gears

  • On the bottom of each Spin Gear, a star-shaped piece is fitted into the inside of a Beyblade’s Blade Base. This piece holds the Spin Gear in place while the sides of the Spin Gear attach to the tabs on the Blade Base.
  • The Weight Disk is held in place with the tabs on the Blade Base.
  • Finally, a small recession near the top of the Spin Gear and tabs on the inside of an Attack Ring connects the Attack Ring to the Spin Gear. For Right-Spin Spin Gears, the Attack Ring would be turned counter-clockwise to be held into place, and vice-versa for Left-Spin Spin Gears.
  • Within each Spin Gear, a small metal ring adds weight to Beyblades to balance them. The metal alloy also holds the star-shaped piece onto the rest of the Spin Gear.

NEO Spin Gears

  • The metal ring found in the Standard Spin Gears have been replaced by interchangeable weights; the Metal Weight Core, Magnetic Core or Heavy Metal Core (Metal Driger).

Standard Spin Gears

Standard Spin Gears have plastic casing surrounding a metal ring and gear which is placed into the Blade Base and held in place by base clips. The core (centre pieces) is not interchangeable in Standard Spin Gears. Different variations have now been released that feature weights, bearings and even an engine inside the Spin Gear.

Right Spin Gears

Right Spin Gears (レライトピンギア Raito Supingia) allow for right spin when used in tandem with Right-Spin Shooters. In a Right-Spin Spin Gear, two tabs (situated close to the right sides of the Spin Gear) would attach to the Right-Spin Shooter, allowing a Beyblade to be spun clockwise.

Left Spin Gears

Left Spin Gears (レフトスピンギア Refuto Supingia) allow for left spin when used in tandem with Left-Spin Shooters. Left-Spin Spin Gears are similar in design to Right-Spin Spin Gears, the only difference being that the tabs on a Left-Spin Spin Gear are situated on the opposite side of the Right-Spin Spin Gears tabs. This allows Left-Spin Shooters to be used with these gears. Additionally, the Left-Spin tabs extend out further than the Right-Spin tabs, meaning that Right-Spin Shooter cannot be used with Left-Spin Spin Gears and vice-versa.

Gimmick Spin Gears

Gimmick Spin Gears (ギミックのトピンギア Gimikku no Supin Gia) are Spin Gears with certain mechanisms that make them stand out from Standard Spin Gears.

Specialized Standard Spin Gears

NEO Spin Gears

NEO Spin Gears (NEOスピンギア NEO Supin Gia) are upgraded versions of the Standard Spin Gears. They have hollowed out centres meaning these Spin Gears have interchangeable cores (can be used with different types of Cores) including the Magnecore. However, Gimmick Spin Gears cannot be switched out for NEO Spin Gears as the Blade Base for Gimmick Spin Gears are often made for exclusive use with them. Beyblades with Gimmick Spin Gear can utilise the Magnacore System by mounting the Magnetic Weight Disk though. They are further divided into NEO Right Spin Gears and NEO Left Spin Gears.

NEO Right Spin Gears

NEO Right Spin Gears (NEOレライトピンギア NEO Raito Supingia) are upgraded versions of the Right Spin Gears and allow for right spin with any chosen core.

NEO Left Spin Gears

NEO Left Spin Gears (NEOレフトスピンギア NEO Refuto Supingia) are upgraded versions of the Left Spin Gears and allow for left spin with any chosen core.


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Specialized Neo Spin Gears


Standard Spin Gear

NEO Spin Gears

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