A Left Spin Gear (レフトスピンギア Refuto Supingia) is a Spin Gear that was released as a part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Dragoon S.


Left Spin Gears allow for left spin when used in tandem with Left-Spin Shooters. Left-Spin Spin Gears are similar in design to Right-Spin Spin Gears, the only difference being that the tabs on a Left-Spin Spin Gear are situated on the opposite side of the Right-Spin Spin Gears tabs. This allows Left-Spin Shooters to be used with these gears. Additionally, the Left-Spin tabs extend out further than the Right-Spin tabs, meaning that Right-Spin Shooter cannot be used with Left-Spin Spin Gears and vice-versa.

They have plastic casing surrounding a metal ring and gear which is placed into the Blade Base and held in place by base clips. The core (centre pieces) is not interchangeable in Standard Spin Gears. Different variations have now been released that feature weights, bearings and even an engine inside the Spin Gear.





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