Spin Gear - Neo Right SG (South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version)) is a Spin Gear released as part of the Magnacore System. It debuted with the release of Dranzer V.


Dranzer V comes with a unique South Magnecore, designed to allow Volcano Change Base to be slightly shorter than allowed by a regular Magnecore. To allow this, two major alterations are made. Firstly, the magnet sits higher in the Core - small protrusions hold it up so it sits partially inside the cap of the plastic shell, and the obstructions present there in other Cores are removed. In addition to this, the gear section at the bottom of the Core and the cylinder it surrounds are shortened, the latter to a lesser degree. These alterations allow the lower half to sit much higher and more snugly than it otherwise could, and the resulting shorter height noticeably improves Volcano Change Base's performance.

In addition to its use with Volcano Change Base, the alteration to the lower section allows three interchangeable Tips, those of Magne Flat Base, SG Grip Base and Customize Grip Base to sit slightly higher in the Bases they are compatible with, resulting in a shorter combination overall.

While this may seem useful, given height is a common complaint about these Tips, the extent to which it lowers their height makes it a double edged sword for the only one of them which is considered competitive, that of Customize Grip Base. Customize Grip Base's Tip is raised to a point where if used with its own Base, the sides of the Base's shaft section often make contact with the stadium floor, creating scraping issues early in matches, and reducing the combination's movement later. As no other Base allows the use of Support Parts with Customize Grip Base's Tip, this means a choice between taller height with the use of Attack Rings and Support Parts that can compensate for it, and in the latter case improve weight distribution and Life After Death, and lower height but using the inferior Magne Flat Base or SG Grip Base (of which only the rarer Black version is resilient enough for competitive use). Worsening this, Grip Base is a much better choice for right spin customs in this height range, meaning any real use is left to left spin customs, many of which benefit more from the Life After Death and weight distribution benefits of Support Parts, though this remains the main competitive use of this aspect of South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version).



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