Spin Gear - Right SG (Free Shaft Version) is a Spin Gear released as part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Dranzer S on December 2000.


  • Weight: 6 grams

This Spin Gear has casings that hold a metal sharp tip and a metal bearing inside. The casings can also be used to hold Driger F's tip inside and allows the tip to be used in many smash attack customizations.

Use in Smash Attack Customization

  • AR: Triple Wing (Trygle)
  • WD: Wide Defense
  • SG: Right SG (Free Shaft Version)
  • SG Shaft: SG (Full Auto Clutch) Shaft (Driger F)
  • BB: Defense Grip Base 2 (Wolborg 2)

This customization uses the casings to their fullest. The metal flat tip increases movement. It is best when used with the Sliding Shoot since the the tip makes the Beyblade very hard to control otherwise.



Takara Tomy

  • Dranzer S - Phantom Force Version (Translucent red)
  • Dranzer S - Hong Kong H-91 Clear Version (With Red Plated Weight Disk)
  • Dranzer S - Black Skeleton Clear Version
  • Dranzer S - Random Booster S (red)
  • Dranzer S - Tournament Prize (Gold)
  • Dranzer S - Tournament Prize (Silver)
  • Dranzer S - Tournament Prize (Red-plated)
  • Dranzer S - Shogakukan Prize (Blue-plated)



Takara Tomy




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