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Spin Steal or Rotation Absorption (回転吸収, Kaiten Kyūshū), also known as Spin Equalization in competitive circles, is an interaction between two Beyblades spinning in opposite directions. As the name suggests, 1 Beyblade will "steal" spin from the opposing Beyblade, slowing down the rate of spin loss. This is most effective with Beyblades that have a round, circular shape. The effect can also be bolstered with the addition of rubber contact points.


In opposite-spin matchups, rounder perimeters and contact points will reduce recoil against an opponent spinning in the other spin direction. Furthermore, the contact points of two opposite-spinning Beyblades work akin to gears, increasing friction and equally distributing their spin. Spin stealing will often prolong battles, as the spin distribution increases Stamina for both Beyblades. Typically, the Beyblade with greater Life-After-Death (LAD) spin steal capabilities will eventually overtake the opponent. Life-After-Death refers to the amount of rolling that a Beyblade can perform at the end of the battle, often determined by the roundness/smoothness of its underside, which contacts the stadium floor.

Combinations utilizing spin steal were originally called "Zombie" combinations, although the competitive colloquialism has since switched to "Spin Equalizers".


In the Metal Series and Burst Series anime, this interaction was advertised as a named gimmick exclusive to left-spin Beyblades, although in practice this will occur between any 2 Beyblades spinning in the opposite direction.

In the Metal Series, the L-Drago line of Beyblades was first advertised as having "spin steal", beginning with Meteo L-Drago LW105LF. This Beyblade also introduced the concept of using rubber to spin steal, although rubber was not required in spin stealing combinations prior to its release. Its successors, L-Drago Destructor F:S and L-Drago Guardian S130MB, also feature rubber contact points.

In the Burst Series, the left-spin dragon motif continued with the Longinus and Fafnir line of Beyblades. Longinus inherited the Attack Type motif from L-Drago, while Fafnir inherited the "spin steal" gimmick. "Spin stealing" and the rubber were heavily advertised gimmicks of the Fafnir line. Drain Fafnir 8 Nothing and its subsequent successors all feature rubber, with "spin stealing" and rubber remaining the Fafnir line's core gimmick throughout the toyline.