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Boost Disk 145 or BD145 is a Spin Track released by Takara Tomy. It debuted in Japan with the release of the BB-99 Maximum Series Starter Hell Kerbecs BD145DS on December 28, 2010.


Boost Disk 145 (BD145) is meant to interact with the Hades Fusion Wheel, and thus was the widest Spin Track released at the time. Boost Disk 145 features a mode change gimmick, where the disk can be removed and manually flipped to change between "Normal Mode" and "Boost Mode".

In Normal Mode (or "Attack Mode") the disk sits lower on the Spin Track, which often causes stadium floor scrapes due to the three downward facing protrusions. In addition, the gap created between the Fusion Wheel and disk causes poor balance and loss of spin. Boost Mode works exclusively with the Hades Fusion Wheel. The three protrusions, now facing upwards, fill in the gaps between the three blades of the Hades Fusion Wheel, removing any gaps between the Fusion Wheel and the Spin Track. As such, this Boost Mode configuration has found use in Defense and Stamina Type combinations.


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