DF145 is a Spin Track released as part of the Metal Fight Beyblade. It debuted with the release of Libra DF145BS on Ovtober 23rd 2008.


DF145 has four upward facing wings protruding from the top of the Track, which aside from giving it extra weight are meant to push air downwards. It is now outclassed for use in Stamina combinations. Instead, tracks such as AD145, 145, 100, 90, and even 85 are used.


Libra DF145BS

Virgo DF145BS

Aquario DF145SF

Gemios DF145FS

Dark Wolf DF145FS

Wind Pegasis DF145FS

Clay Leone DF145WB

Heat Pegasis DF145WB

Mad Sagittario DF145HF

Earth Cancer DF145ES

Killer Gemios DF145FS

Pisces DF145BS

Saramanda Ifraid DF145XF Burst Flame Ver.




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