ED145 features 3 “wings” which rotate freely around the Track. They are similar to thoses of WD145 and can expand from its normal size if it’s pulled outward. Because of their free-spinning nature, they can be used in Defensive customs, such as MF-H Earth Bull ED145WB ;however, the Defensive abilities of this part are not as effective as C145 when it comes to direct hits.

The wings are hindered W/O the mechanism of a bearing, hence creating a force of friction between the wings and the track, in resulting less damage absorption. Furthermore, it is easy for a low attacker’s wheel to be caught between the wheel and ED145 (especially Flame), causing a lot of recoil.

Its successor, TR145 does not have that problem. When used with AS/WD/EWD/ES/HF\S it can minimize recoil from almost any floor-scrape. This is the only feature that its successor has and ED145 doesn’t have.

Beyblades with this part

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