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  • Weight: 4.6 grams

This Track's gimmick is that it is completely free-spinning. It is implied in its marketing that it can make the Wheel it is attached to rotate in the opposite direction to the one it was launched in, simply after a hit with another Beyblade of the same original spin. However, in practice this would both be impossible, and, due to the fact the Beyblade would momentarily be stationary as it changed directions, result in an automatic loss.

F230's core section is larger than regular Tracks such as 145 and 230 to accommodate the free-spinning mechanism, while the end of the Track bears a much larger version of the irregular structure used for the base of most Bottoms. This change in size allows a Blader to grip and stabilize part of the Track in order to securely screw a Bottom onto F230's end, which would otherwise be complex because of its free-spinning nature.

The F230 Track, although shown to be outclassed by 230 in terms of conventional stamina customizations, has shown startling potential in the field of spin-equalization when used with large and circular Bottoms like CF/GCF that make it remain upright and roll. The free-spinning shaft of F230 allows the combination using it to continue rotating after it has fallen onto the wide ridge of CF/GCF, which keeps the Metal/Chromium Wheel from touching the ground as the upper section of the Beyblade spins, providing a very prominent display of LAD capabilities.

The F230CF/GCF setup has proven to contain some of, if not the, highest Life After Death of any Track-Bottom setup ever in the Metal Fight Beyblade series, and as such is extremely useful in spin-equalizing customizations in both BB-10 or Zero-G format.

IMPORTANT: Mold Variations[]

TAKARA-TOMY released this Track in two different Beyblades, one of which was Bandit Genbu F230TB (orange). The second version of the track was released with Thief Saramanda F230SF (brown) in the BBG-26 Random Booster vol. 3. Hasbro also released this Track in the Behemoth Golem Earth Synchrom 2-Pack, with Berserker Behemoth F230TB (red), and in the Bandit Genbu F230TB Starter (orange).

The brown and red F230 Tracks, along with Hasbro's orange F230 have shown problems with wear, and the free-spinning function of the track seems to be hindered, squeaking and scraping, as opposed to the smooth, consistent free-spinning function of the Takara Tomy orange F230, which works very well when applied to spin-equalization. The worse of the four molds is Hasbro's red F230, whose internal mechanism appears to grind against itself, which means it almost requires an outside force to spin.

Use in Spin-Equalization customization[]

The F230 track, for the reasons stated above, can be utilized in the following spin-equalizing customizations if it is the TAKARA-TOMY orange mold.

Genbull Dragooon F230CF/GCF

Duo Cygnus/Cancer F230CF/GCF

Genbull Genbull F230CF/GCF


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