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Move 145 or M145 is a Spin Track released by Takara Tomy. It debuted in Japan with the release of the BB-50 Booster Storm Capricorne M145Q on October 24, 2009, and in western countries with the release of the BB-50 Starter Pack Storm Capricorn M145Q.


Move 145 (M145) is a round Spin Track with a mode change gimmick that is intended to work in tandem with the Quake Performance Tip, which Move 145 was released alongside with. The position of the Performance Tip can be switched, changing the frequency of bounces from the Performance Tip. In both modes, the Peformance Tips are off center, although the degree will vary between the modes.


While Move 145 has an interesting gimmick, especially when paired with the Quake Performance Tip, it has poor stamina and little competitive use.

As such, Move 145 is recommended for collection purposes only.


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