S130 is a Spin Track released as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It debuted with the release of Poison Giraffe S130MB


Weight: 3.3 grams Maximum Width: 35.5 mm Minimum Width: 33.0 mm Full Height: 13.00 mm Arc between protrusions: 8.0 mm

Made only of plastic, S130 has a horizontal disk attached to its centre. This disk consists of eight arms linked by some relatively round webs of plastic, which overall forms an imperfect circle. In this release S130 is of a dark grey color.

S130's inferior weight compared to Tracks like BD145 and GB145 render it outclassed for Defense purposes. However, where this Track has found a home is in Attack combos. S130 adds much needed weight to an attacker without obscuring its contact points. Also, its mid-sized height allows Attack Metal Wheels to score hits on a number of opposing heights. This makes S130 viable to be used with some Attack Wheels, including VariAres and Flash.

Use In Attack Customization

S130 can be put to good use in the Flash combo MF-H Flash Escolpio/Pisces/Orion S130RF/R²F, adding a decent amount of weight to Flash without covering up contact points, and placing the Metal Wheel at the height where it is most effective in dealing hits, due to its design.


Takara Tomy

Poison Giraffe S130MB

Jade Jupiter S130RB

L-Drago Guardian S130MB

Wing Pegasis S130RB World Congress Commemorative Model



Takara Tomy




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