T125 is a Spin Track released as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It debuted with the release of Flame Libra T125ES on September 2009.


T125 has four upward-facing wing protrusions spaced apart widely. The Track is designed to work in a similar way to DF145, although the effect it produces is negligible. The performance of this Track is similar to D125, and as a height, is generally overshadowed by CH120.

Use in Attack Customization

T125 can be utilized in the combo - MF Gravity Perseus T125 RF.


  • Flame Libra T125ES - Hasbro Ultimate Gift Set (Gunmetal Grey Flame, Teal Libra)
  • Torch Gemios T125SF - (Random Booster Vol. 9 Fusion Hades AD145SWD) (Translucent White)




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