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Triple Roller 145 (TR145) is a Spin Track and a part of Beyblade: Metal Fusion. It was first released as part of the winning design of the CoroCoro Design-a-Beyblade contest, Divine Chimera TR145FB.


TR145 is one of the many 145-height Spin Tracks that features a three winged design. Its gimmick is the free-spinning rollers at the points of each wing, which are designed to deflect attacks from below in a manner similar to ED145. While the rollers do not really perform their intended function, they do serve another purpose – they provide the Beyblade with a small amount of Life After Death (LAD) by allowing it to roll along the floor of the Stadium for a short period of time after falling over. This attribute, combined with the relatively small gaps between TR145’s wings and the rather smooth, circular shape of the Spin Track, make it a useful piece for Stamina Type customizations and Spin Equalizers. However, SA165 performs TR145’s LAD function much more efficiently and is at a more advantageous height for Spin Equalization, thus rendering TR145 obsolete.

Use in Stamina Customization

If SA165 is not available, TR145 can be used in the Stamina Customizations MF-L Duo Cygnus TR145EWD and MSF-L Zirago Dragooon TR145EWD.


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