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Upper Wing 145 is a variation of ED145 and WD145 that as its name suggests, is to provide Upper Attack. UW145 is composed of three large wings that are very spiky and edgy in design. It has two Modes, "Attack Mode" and "Defense Mode". It can switched simply by removing the wings and flipping them. In Attack Mode, the wings are angled downwards, in a clockwise manner. In Defense Mode however, the wings are angled upwards, counter-clockwise. Although UW145 was stated to be able to conduct Upper Attack, this does not have any effect due to UW145 being placed under the Wheel where it does not have any known contact with the opposing Bey's Wheel. However, UW145's sharp points in Attack Mode can conduct Smash Attack, but the effect is, once again, negligible.

Overall, UW145 is not an outclassed Spin Track. Despite its name, it cannot conduct any Upper Attack at all, only Smash Attack, but this does not have much of an effect. Its wings can be used for Defense however, it has more stamina because of the up-force power, which performs opposite DF145 and T125. This may also reduce its defense power since UW145 adds almost no weight to the bey, and since the wings do not come in contact with regularly height beys, against regularly height beys the wings are overall quite useless.


Takara Tomy