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Spin Velocity Overview[]

In Beyblade, the term spin velocity is usually used to refer to the Beyblade's RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). More accurately, though, it is used to refer to the Beyblade's ability to sustain this spin velocity over the course of the battle.

The Advantages of High Spin Velocity[]

Generally speaking, it is advantageous for all Beyblades to have the highest spin velocity possible. It increases every aspect of performance:

  • Attack: A faster spinning Beyblade will inflict more damage on contact.
  • Defense: A faster spinning Beyblade will hold its ground more effectively when struck by the opposing Beyblade.
  • Survival: A faster spinning Beyblade will deflect opposing attacks with more ease, and be able to retain its spin more effectively.

Beyblades with high spin velocity also have much better balance.

How High Spin Velocity is Achieved[]

The best way to achieve high spin velocity is to have a small (that is, small in diameter) and heavy Beyblade, with most of the weight focused at the center. The best way to achieve a high spin velocity is with a compact customization.

The Trade-offs of High Spin Velocity[]

Considering the advantages, one could conclude that it would be advantageous for all Beyblades to be designed with high spin velocity as the top priority. This is not the case.

Because of the parts required to effectively maximize spin velocity, many customizations cannot be built under the guidelines. Most Survival-type customizations could benefit from high spin velocity, but the trade-off of parts is not worth the gain. Beyblades that utilize Smash Attack will not be able to move as quickly due to all of the weight focused towards the center. It is these sorts of limitations that prevent the advantages of high spin velocity from being too overwhelming.

Defense-type customizations will be easier to move if their parts are built for high spin velocity. Defense-types generally need the weight focused around the outside. This lowers their max spin velocity, but makes them harder for the opponent to interrupt. Think of it this way: If you hold two backpacks full of books close to your body and spin, you can spin faster, but you can also stop more easily. If you hold the backpacks with arms outstretched and spin, it is harder to start spinning and you cannot spin as fast, but you cannot stop as easily. When the weight is focused around the outside, the blade is harder to stop. This means that it is harder to interrupt the spin, increasing defense. It also means that Attack-types with outwardly-focused weight can smash their opponents harder.

Spin Velocity in the Heavy Metal System[]

HMS Beyblades are believed to present a significant increase in spin velocity over plastic Beyblades, but this has not yet been conclusively tested.