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Spinning Shell Smash is a special move used by Genjuro Kamegaki and his Bandit Genbu F230TB.


Genjūro starts to glow a golden aura and crosses his arms with two fingers out. Then, he raises his right hand and throws it down like a hammer, while rocks are thrown up from the impact. Bandit Genbu then blasts an indigo ray with light-green lights emerging from the Stone Face, releasing Genbu, the black tortoise. Genbu's beast then slams its axe-like hammer onto the ground, causing a burst of smoke. Finally, Bandit Genbu jumps out from the smoke and smashes into the Beyblade, making it rocket in recoil.

Beyblade: Shogun Steel[]

Genjūro first used this move to defeat Ren Kurenai during Neo Battle Bladers.