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Spiral Blitz is a Stamina vs. Defense faceoff pack featuring a recoloured Earth Virgo GB145BS and Evil Pisces ED145WD.

It has been re-released by Beyblade: Metal Masters. Evil Pisces ED145WD is a defense type but it has good stamina too. This set can be used to create Earth Virgo GB145, an outstanding stamina combo.


This 2-pack contains parts that are used in competitive play such as Virgo, Earth, GB145, and WD. However, most of these parts are outclassed in Standard format such as Twisted and EWD. As such, this pack is not a must have but a welcome edition to every Bladers competitive collection.


Earth Virgo GB145BS

Evil Pisces ED145WD

2x Ripcord Launchers

2x Ripcords

2x Assembly Tools