Spiral Capricorn 90MF or Screw Capricorne 90MF is an Attack Type Beyblade that appears in the Beyblade: Metal Masters anime and manga series. Its owner is Dr. Ziggurat and is part of the Maximum Series. It was released on January 22, 2011 in Japan.

Face Bolt - Capricorn

Facebolt CAPRICORN BB50 19974.png

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The Face Bolt depicts "Capricornus", which is Latin for "horned goat". Capricornus is one of the 88 constellations in space. The design depicts a goat with six horns, and the word "CAPRICORNE" is depicted on a banner below the goat. Some variants of this Face Bolt do not have the word "CAPRICORNE", such as the Metal Fusion Fury Capricorn 100HF release which removes the words from the banner, and the Metal Masters Fury Capricorn 100HF and Spiral Capricorn 90MF which replaces the banner with more horns.

Energy Ring - Capricorn

Clearwheel capricorne.jpg

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The Capricorn Energy Ring is angular, and features two goat head designs, tailed by long horns, with two small spikes separating each head from the horns.

Fusion Wheel - Spiral

  • Weight: 34.51 grams

Spiral resembles a distorted version of Storm with three wings that curve upwards and line down with a small gap between each wing. Each wing has a slope that is bigger than the other one, and features oval-like protrusions that appears to slightly push-up for Smash Attacks. Before it's release, Spiral was said to be able to conduct Upper Attack due to the slopes, however upon testing, it did not show much Upper Attack at all.

While not having the correct slopes for Upper Attacks, it is however able to conduct Upper Smash Attacks. Spiral is a powerful Attack-Type Fusion Wheel but is outclassed by other Wheels like Beat, Lightning, and Variares. Despite this, Spiral can deal a great amount of Upper Smash Attack if used with the right Energy Ring. Specifically, small Energy Rings that expose more of the metal of Spiral, Pisces and Tempo are recommended, however Pisces has better use. Spiral can be used very effectively in the balance combo MF Spiral Tempo (Screw Horogium) 90MF.

Attack: 5.5 - Defense: 1 - Stamina: 0.5

Metalwheel screw.jpg Metalwheel screw2.jpg

Spin Track - 90

Track 90 img.jpg

Main article: Spin Track - 90
90 was the lowest Spin Track available until the release of 85 with Mercury Anubis 85XF. Its low height is good for both low height Attack customizations and low height Stamina customizations, but is outclassed slightly in both regards by the aforementioned 85.

Performance Tip - Metal Flat

Bottom mf img2.jpg Main article: Performance Tip - Metal Flat

  • Weight: 1.08 grams

Metal Flat has a Flat Tip made of Metal, giving it an offensive movement. However, since metal has more traction than plastic Flat Tips, it has more speed, but it has less friction than plastic Tips, so it has considerably less Defense. This can be avoided when using a Defense spin track like ED145. Unlike XF, LF, F, and WF, it can keep the sliding shoot pattern. MF has more Stamina than RF/R2F/WF/F/XF/LRF/LF/Q, but about the same/less Stamina than SF/FS. It is really powerful in the combo: MF-H Gravity Perseus (Left Spin, Counter Mode) D125/T125/CH120/BD145MF. It is one of the best Attack type Tips, due to its speed, attack power, and stamina.

Attack: 5 - Defense: 0 - Stamina: 2



  • It is the only Beyblade to have never battled in any kind of stadium in the anime.
  • It was the first Beyblade to be released the Spiral Fusion Wheel.
  • It is the first Beyblade to be released with 90MF combo.
  • It is the first Bey to have the MF tip.
  • It is the only Attack Type Beyblade in the Maximum Series.
  • It is the first bey to use Spiral and Metal Flat, second being Spiral Tempo S130MF and the third is Spiral Lyre ED145MF.
  • It is one of the few beyblades to feature a new version of a previous face motif "Capricorn II" that is not an evolution of another beyblade. However, unlike in real life, Spiral Capricorn is shown using the first Capricorn face motif in the anime.
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