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Spiral Crush is a Synchrome special move used by Eight and Kite Unabara's Orochi Leviathan 160SB.


Orochi Leviathan starts to stay in the power position; the stadiums center and rotates violently, creating a tropical hurricane. As this happens, the enemy Beyblade is pulled towards the stadium's center. When the opponent is at the center, Orochi Leviathan's mutated Synchrome Beast blasts out in a stormy gust and the Bey uppercuts the opponent while using the jet stream to increase its power, knocking the enemy upwards or out of the stadium completely.


  • This is only successful against non-synchrome opponents.
  • After battling Kite, Yoshio Iwayama was able to recreate this move as his own with his Bandit Golem DF145BS.