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Spriggan Requiem 7 Absorb (スプリガンレクイエム・セブン・アブソーブ, Supurigan Rekuiemu Sebun Abusōbu) is a Stamina Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the God Layer System. It was released in Japan on February 16th, 2019 for 993円 as one of eight possible Beyblades in Random Booster Vol. 14 Driger Fang.0.Xt.

Energy Layer - Spriggan Requiem

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The motif is of the treasure protecting giant, Spriggan. In addition to its left and right rotation and built-in Metal God Chip, the God Layer of "God killing" has also gained a rotation absorption ability by equipping rubber parts.
— Official Description

Takara Tomy's Spriggan Requiem is a Balance Type Energy Layer that features an overall circular perimeter with small indents, creating a shape akin to Jail Jormungand, two heads, meant to represent the Layer's namesake; a spriggan, a legendary beast of Cornish Faery Lore, and a large double bladed axe that goes from the center to the perimeter. As part of the God Layer System, Spriggan Requiem features gimmicks;

Like its predecessor Legend Spriggan, Spriggan Requiem is a Dual-Spin Layer with two sets of teeth for Right-Spin Mode and-Left Spin Mode.

Like Drain Fafnir, Spriggan Requiem features rubber parts to allow for Spin-Equalization.

Like its predecessor Legend Spriggan, as well as Sieg Xcalibur, Lost Longinus and Nightmare Longinus, Spryzen Requiem S3 features metal in the Layer to increase its weight, in this case in the form of a non-removable Metal God Chip.

Due to the Dual-Spin Gimmick, recoil between the opponent and Spriggan Requiem can be increased or reduced depending on the Layer's setting and the opponent's spin direction. While the asymmetrical design may imply different performance depending on spin direction, Spriggan Requiem's round design makes little to no discernible difference between Right-Spin Mode and Left-Spin Mode. Because of this, it is recommended to set the Layer to spin opposite to the opponent to maximize Defense and Stamina potential as there is too little recoil for Attack potential.

Due to the high friction rubber parts, Spriggan Requiem is capable of Spin-Equalization with an Opposite-Spin opponent, allowing a Spriggan Requiem Combination to Out-Spin its opponent depending on the Performance Tip, Disc and/or Frame used. While the effect is noticeably less than that of Drain Fafnir due to there being only two points of rubber contact, it is still comparable.

The thickness and thus weight of the Layer creates high inertia and Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) which increases the Stamina, Knock-Out Resistance and Burst Resistance of the Layer, making Spriggan Requiem a top-tier choice for Defense and Stamina Combinations.

However, like Legend Spriggan, in order to facilitate the Dual-Spin gimmick, two of the teeth on each set are made to the thickness of those found on Single Layers, meaning that the first two teeth on each set will wear down fairly quickly. Due to this, it is recommended to have multiple copies of this Layer and to be prepared to replace it.

Forge Disc - 7

Main article: Forge Disc - 7

7, like other odd numbered Core Discs, is an asymmetrical, elliptical disc that can facilitate a Disc Frame. 7 is designed similar to Gravity or Heavy, with seven designs jutting out that resemble the number "7". At first glance, the Disc looks unbalanced, but in reality, two of the sections on one side being halves makes it balanced. 7 is one of the heaviest Discs thus far, outclassed only by 10 and 0, and has a ideal weight distribution for Stamina Combinations. Its high Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) grants it not only the highest Stamina potential out of all other Core Discs, but its weight grants it high Attack and Defense potential without the severe Burst Risk of 8. With the use of Disc Frames, 7 can be used to great effect in any Combination.

Performance Tip - Absorb

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Absorb features a spring-loaded sharp tip of a small diameter surrounded by a free-spinning ring, akin to a combination of Revolve and Nothing. The sharp tip of Absorb provides low friction with the stadium floor, resulting in high Stamina and Burst Defense properties. The wide diameter of the ring gives Absorb high Precession time and Spin-Equalization potential in Opposite-Spin match-ups. Compared to similar Performance Tips, Absorb's Precession time is equal to Revolve's but lower than Eternal's.

The spring-loaded tip has two purposes, the first is to prevent harsh impacts against the stadium floor from launch, preventing accidental Self-Knock-Outs from bouncing. The second is that when the tip is fully depressed, the center sharp tip is retracted and the ring is locked in place, creating a hollow flat tip with aggressive movement akin to Zephyr. However, without a mechanism to keep the spring compressed, this aggressive movement only happens briefly upon first landing.



Takara Tomy




  • The colors of this Energy Layer are an almost exact match for those of the rare "Black Ver." that can be obtained from the Spriggan Requiem 0 Zeta starter set - the only difference is that two pieces of white detailing on that layer are red on this one.