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Spryzen S2 Limited Variable, known as Storm Spriggan Limited Variable (ストームスプリガン・リミテッド・ヴァリアブル, Sutōmu Supurigan Rimiteddo Variaburu) in Japan, is an Attack Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It was released in Japan on July 16th, 2016 for 900円 as one of eight possible Beyblades in Random Booster Vol. 3 Yaeger Yggdrasil.G.Y and was later released in western countries as a Single Pack.

Energy Layer - Spryzen S2

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Spryzen S2 is an overall elliptical Energy Layer designed for Balance, which somewhat resembles its predecessor, Spryzen. In the center of the Layer is a beast looking to the right, meant to represent its Japanese namesake; the spriggan, a legendary beast of Cornish Faery Lore.

The perimeter of Spryzen S2 has two main contact points made of colored plastic that also matches the weapon the Layer's beast wields; an axe, which are each followed by a similar-looking blade made of clear plastic, and a square-shaped protrusion that also serves as a location for the Layer's screws. While such an aggressive design might imply high Attack potential, the Japanese release of Storm Spriggan is made useless by its teeth, which are smaller than the teeth of Chaos, which perform poorly in battle, as the teeth of Storm Spriggan are unable to withstand the recoil the aggressive shape of the Layer creates during head-on collisions with the opponent's Layer, causing it to Burst and even Self-Burst very easily.

Forge Disc - Limited

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Limited features a diamond shaped design akin to Force. Due to this similar shape, Limited can function identically to Force, but the same factors prevent the Disc from being effective in tournament play. The first is the shape as there are few Layers that benefit from the weight distribution, the second is the small size and thus light weight of the Disc which limits the weight it does distribute.

Performance Tip - Variable

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Variable features a rubber tip, made up of two sets of rubber spikes, that begins at standard height. The spikes are meant to wear down and break off with use so unlike most other rubber tips, Variable will become more aggressive instead of less aggressive over time.

When launched in mint condition the first set of six spikes will create a mildly aggressive pattern at speeds akin to Blow, albeit without the Stamina due to the greater friction the rubber has. Due to how tall the first six teeth are and the somewhat brittle nature of the rubber in the Takara Tomy release, the first set of teeth will break off relatively quickly.

When launched after the first set of teeth have given way to the second set of fourteen spikes, Variable's speed increases remarkably, becoming as fast or even faster than Xtreme, due to the now increased surface area and diameter. However, that same speed and diameter increase makes Variable incredibly difficult to control at this stage as banking is difficult to maintain, Self-Knock-Outs become common and its Stamina worsens. Due to the greater number of spikes and their shorter length, Variable does not wear out as quickly at this stage. Of the stages, this stage of Variable is considered the best.

When the second set of spikes break off, what's left is a solid base of rubber. At this point Variable's speed increases further but the aforementioned control and Stamina issues become even worse, having trouble even staying on the Tornado Ridge of the stadium and losing spin too quickly to perform any meaningful attacks when it begins to slow down.

When this tip loses teeth, it does become shorter as a result, granting Attack combinations destabilization potential. Furthermore, due to the wide base, Variable has relatively high Life-After-Death when worn down, making it a somewhat safer choice against Spin-Equalization combinations.



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