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Stamina (Previously called Endurance or Survival in the Original Series) is a typing in Beyblade that refers to Beyblades that battle by taking many hits and continuing to spin. These Beyblades usually have tips with minimal contact to the stadium and/or free-spinning Parts to lower friction. Stamina types are most characterized by their reliance on Outward Weight Distribution to keep necessary momentum to spin for long times, even on more mobile set-ups. Stamina types are typically strong against Defence types as they can outlast them without suffering much damage. Stamina types tend to be weak against Attack types as their low friction, generally low protection, and in the case of Burst, low burst resistance makes them easier to Knock Out or Burst.

When constructing a pure Stamina type Bey, You should be looking for these qualities, plus some advice to keep in mind:

  • A tip in the shape of a Cone or Ball, which limit points of contact with the stadium floor.
  • A tip made from a material with a low friction coefficient such as Metal or POM.
  • A Weight Disk, Attack Ring, Wheel, Layer, and/or Disk with most of the material out towards the outside.
  • An Attack Ring, Wheel, or Layer that's very smooth and round to help reduce the loss of spin on Contact.
  • Preferably a free spinning tip, especially one connected to a Bearing.
  • Most of the surfaces should be smooth to reduce Air Resistance.
  • A free spinning ring around the tip can allow for longer spin times while in precession.
  • A narrow sharp tip will be unstable and make the combo fall over easily

Zombies are a popular sub-typing for Stamina Types seen in Plastic and Burst Beyblade play, they utilize Opposite Spin and High Life After Death to Out Spin opponents while at low rotational speeds.

Example Metal Fight Beyblade Stamina Combos

  • Phantom Hades 160PD
  • Hell Kerbecs TR145WD
  • Earth Cancer 230MB
  • Phantom Bull/Gasher TH170D
  • Duo (Stamina Mode) Cancer B:D
  • Scythe (Stamina Mode) Bull/Kronos BD145EWD/EDS
  • Libra AD145AS
  • Genbull Genbull 85WD
  • Phantom Sagittario II/Hades/Gasher B:D
  • MF-F Twisted Bull/Aquario AD145WD/EWD
  • Zirago Dragoon SA165EWD
  • Flame Kronos 230EDS/CS
  • Phantom Bull/Cygnus AD145SD/WD
  • MF-F Scythe (Stamina Mode) Tempo W145WD

Example Burst Stamina Combos