Stamina is a Beyblade type, designed to out-spin an opponent. Stamina-types are usually higher than other Beyblades and have sharper performance tips, but in some cases lower Spin Tracks may be helpful. Most of the weight of a Stamina type is on the outside edge to help maintain its centrifugal force. Stamina types generally use the Defense series of tips (WD, EWD, and D are fair examples) rather than Sharp based tips like BS and MS due to the latter's bad stability.

Stamina-types generally have the advantage over Defense-types, as Defense-type Beyblades have only a moderate amount of Stamina. The one flaw with that is that Defense in the Beyblade may be major enough to provide a mild Attack, which Stamina-types have a hard time dealing with. This is because their Fusion Wheels are usually lighter and thinner than other wheels in attempt to reduce friction on contact. There are a few exceptions, usually wielding some Defense value of their own through a strong shape like Earth's rounded wings or a high amount of centrifugal force or weight like the 4D Flash and Phantom wheels.

Survival (also known as Stamina and Endurance) is a classification of Beyblade that refers to Beyblades that battle by taking many hits and continuing to spin. These Beyblades usually have pointed tips and/or free-spinning Parts to lower friction. Zombie Beyblades are a popular sub-category of Survival Beyblades seen in Plastic and Heavy Metal System Beyblades.

Recommended Metal Fight Beyblade Stamina Combos

  • MF-H Phantom Kerbecs D125EDS
  • Phantom Tempo AD145EDS/EWD
  • Earth Bull 230D
  • Phantom Bull/Gasher TH170D
  • Duo (Stamina Mode) Gasher B:D
  • Scythe (Stamina Mode) Bull/Kronos BD145EWD/EDS
  • Burn Bull AD145SD
  • Earth Bull/Kerbecs 85WD
  • Phantom Kerbecs/Sagittario II/Aquario/Gasher B:D
  • MF-F Twisted Bull/Aquario AD145WD/EWD
  • Flash Byxis T125EDS
  • Flame/Phantom Kronos T125EDS
  • Phantom Bull/Cygnus AD145SD/WD
  • MF-F Scythe (Stamina Mode) Tempo W145WD


  • All pre-4D Stamina type beys have fire oriented fusion wheels, (Flame, Thermal, Burn) symbolizing how fires can last for days. The one exception to this is Earth Virgo.
  • In the days of the old plastic generation beys, it was called "Endurance" instead of "Stamina".
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