Stan Hamburg (KANJI, ROMAJI) is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst Evolution. He is a former member of BC Sol but leaves to become a part of the Brazilian team. His Beyblade is unknown.


Stan Hamburg is a large boy with blonde hair closely shaved to his head, dark brown eyebrows, and light teal eyes. He wears dark green goggles along with a dark orange shirt with a blue collar, and tan pants.


Stan is a boy who is very proud of his position as a part of BC Sol's top team. But, he does not welcome Valt Aoi or Rantaro Kiyama easily because he is jealous of their skills as bladers. Stan also gets angry easily at them and at other people, so he tries to spread rumors about them leaving the team and makes Christina Kuroda doubt their power so that they aren't sent out to battle other teams. He is best friends with Rickson Clay and Ivan, but becomes even more angry when Ivan leaves, seeing this as Valt and Rantaro's fault. After feeling weak and unappreciated because of Christina's comments, and after watching Cuza Ackerman and Silas Karlisle battle, he leaves BC Sol in shame to join the Brazilian team, determined to beat them.





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