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The Starbooster Attack 2-Pack is a Hasbro exclusive Beyblade: Metal Masters Faceoff Pack released in 2011. It includes a recolor of Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F and Thunder Lacerta WA130ES. It is advertised as having "BeyPower Parts" which are considered competitive parts. In this set is Wing Attack 130 (WA130), although Right Rubber Flat (R2F) can also be considered a competitive part.


The only parts in this pack that are considered competitive would be Right Rubber Flat (R2F) and can found be found in other products. Pegasus ll can be used in Defense customizations but is outclassed by other Clear Wheels such as Bull and Aquario. Due to it, Pegasus ll should be suitable if such Clear Wheels are unavailable. Both Galaxy and Thunder are light weight and suffers from it and poor performance as Fusion Wheels for their respective types. Wing 105 (W105) pretty much functions the same as 105 with a slight weight difference and Wing Attack 130 (WA130) does not offer much Attack with Eternal Sharp (ES) suffers from destabilization and wearing.

As such, this pack is not a worthwhile purchase and should be recommended for collection purposes.




  • The prototype images show Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F with a black Galaxy Fusion Wheel, while the final product simply remained unpainted.
  • This 2-Pack is named after one of Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F's Special Moves, Starbooster Attack.