A statistic, or stat for short, refers to the rating of a Beyblade's individual parts in regards to how they perform in a Beyblade battle.

List of Beyblade-Related Stats


Attack (Japanese: 攻撃力, offensive power) refers to the Beyblade's ability to hit forcibly and deliberately.


Defense (Japanese: 防御力, defensive power) refers to a Beyblade's ability to resist attacks while maintaining stability and balance.


Stamina (Japanese: 持久力, endurance) refers how efficient the Beyblade top is at maintaining and preserving spin. It is the most visible of the stats in battle, using indicators such as changes in stability and motion blur.

Magne Power

Magne Power (Japanese: マグネパワー) refers to the strength of the magnetic field generated by a Magnecore parts and accessories. This stat is measured using a 4-star rating system with most parts never exceeding 2 stars. This stat is not featured with the Hasbro localization of Magnecore Beyblade tops.

Engine Power

Engine Power (Japanese: エンジンパワー) refers to the power output of a Engine Gear core. This stat is measured using a 4-star rating system with most EG cores never exceeding 2 stars. This stat is not featured with the Hasbro localization of Engine Gear Beyblade tops.


Weight (Japanese: 重量) refers to the Beyblade's weight in regards to their actual physical value. This category originated with the 1st generation of Beyblades, starting with the Hard Metal System.


Rotation (Japanese: 回転) refers to the rate that a Beyblade rotates on its axis.


Speed (Japanese: スピード) refers to the rate at which the Beyblade is able to move or operate. This is determined by weight and the shape of the Performance Tip's axis. This category was only featured with Beyblade products under the Hard Metal System toyline.

Centrifugal Force

Centrifugal force (Japanese: 遠心力(えんしんりょく)) refers to the strength of rotation. This ability category was only included under 2nd generation Beyblades products, and more or less replaces the Rotation category from the previous generation.


Agility (Japanese: 機動力, mobility) refers to the Beyblade's ability to move or be moved freely and easily. Typically Attack-type Performance Tips with flat and/or rubber-based tips excel in this category than Performance Tips with other shapes.


Burst (Japanese: バースト力, burst power) refers to the Beyblade's ability to initiate a Burst on the opposing Bey. This is represented from 0 and up, with 0 indicating no ability and higher numbers indicating increased ability.

List of Launcher-Related Stats

Beyblade Spec

Beyblade Spec is statistical data used to roughly summarize a Beyblade's overall performance in battle. This information was first introduced with the Hard Metal System line of 1st generation Beyblades as "Battle Spec Data" (バトルスペクデータ, batoru supeku dēta) and carried over to 2nd Generation Beyblades as under the term "Status".



Names in other languages

  • Attack • Attaque • Ataque • 공격력
  • Defense • Défense • Defensa • Defesa • 방어력
  • Stamina • Résistance • Resistencia • Resistência • 지구력
  • Burst • Éclatement • Explosividad • Eclosão • 버스트력
  • Weight • Poids • Peso • 중량
  • Agility • Agilité • Agilidad • Agilidade • 기동력


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