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Sting is a minor antagonist in BeyWheelz.

Sting is a ruthless wheeler and a member of the Dominators who will do anything to win, including using any underhanded tactics with his Toxic Stinger Scorpio.

Physical Appearance

Sting is a tall, older-looking boy with silver hair that is parted on his left and right sides of his head and a braided ponytail on the back of his head. he has rough gray eyebrows. he wears a full green body suit with only his fingers visible.His suit has a yellow collar with black strings that have red beads hanging from the collar.On the chest part of his suit he has four red buttons, a yellow belt is around his waist and has brown holsters hanging from the belt,another red button is below his belt. He wears black and grey boots.



Sting and the Dominators caught wind of all the commotion in town where the world champions, Team Estrella's tryouts were being held. Feeling that the Dominators should be the only ones allowed to own BeyWheelz, they attacked the commoners. Sting was prepared to destroy the Wheelz until he was stopped by Sho Tenma.

When Judgement Bey began, Sting's opponent was Covey Horn. He looked like he was winning before, but Covey turned it around using his new special move Raging Drumline and finished him off with his special move Raging Horn.


Toxic Stinger Scorpio: Sting's BeyWheel. It is based on the Scorpio-series of Beyblades.

Special Moves

BeyWheelz Battles

Opponent Episode Result
Covey Horn BWZ06 Loss





  • Sting is the Beywheelz counterpart to Busujima, as both use Scorpio, as well as possess a Scorpion-shaped ponytail hairstyle.