The Storm Attack (Japanese: ストームアタック) is a Special Move that was introduced in the "Beyblade" graphic novel series and is used by Tyson Granger with his Dragoon Storm. The move has also been featured in the "Beyblade" TV series.


The Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga and anime series both depict the "Storm Attack" in similar fashion with the Beyblade generating a rapidly rotating column of air (a tornado), similar to a landspout, using high-speed rotation; and this usually occurs with the emergence of the Bit-Beast Dragoon from the Beyblade. The wind column forms a defensive barrier between Dragoon and the enemy Bey and, in most instances, ejects them skyward. But this action usually decreases the mobility of Tyson's Beyblade (even becoming stationary in some cases) while "Storm Attack" is in effect.

In The Graphic Novel Series

In The TV Series

In Video Games

In Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002: Gekisen! Team Battle!! Seiryu No Sho ~Takao-hen~ and Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002: Gekisen! Team Battle!! Oryū No Sho ~Daichi-hen~ video games for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, the Storm Attack is classified as a Medium Finish (Japanese: 中必殺) and can be acquired by the player once the Bit-Beast Dragoon reaches Lv.30.




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