Storm Bringer (天馬爆嵐撃 (ストームブリンガー), Tenma Bakurangeki / Sutōmu Buringaa) is the fifth special move used by Gingka Hagane and his Storm Pegasus 105RF and later his Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Gingka first used this attack in Shine, Virgo!. It creates a vacuum that sends the enemy's bey up into the air and when it comes down, Pegasus cancels the opponent's power and strikes it out of the stadium. It can cancel out fire like Burn Fireblaze 135MS's fire. Storm Bringer appears to be the successor of Tornado Wing.

This special move was created during Gingka's first battle with Ryutaro Fukami and his Thermal Pisces T125ES.

It was used to defeat many opponents,like Yu,Phoenix, Captain Capri, Teru, and Reiji. But it didn't work against Ryuga or Damian.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

It was later inherited by Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F which is seen in Gingka's battle against Damian Hart and Hades Kerbecs BD145DS,but it failed to defeat kerbecs.


Metal Fight Beyblade - Storm Pegasis Finishing Spin Move 4 Full Power (ver

Metal Fight Beyblade - Storm Pegasis Finishing Spin Move 4 Full Power (ver.1)

Credit by xxxDranzerX13xxx



  • Storm Bringer can also help prevent fires as seen when Sora battles Busijima, and when Gingka was battling Phoenix.
  • Some people might think Gingka is yelling Star Ringer!, but he is actually yelling Storm Bringer!
  • It apparently has no affect on L-Drago,probably because of its left rotation,and the different air currents around it.It also failed to do significant damage to Hades kerbecs because it was in boost mode and had an arrangement.
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