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Storm Pegasis Hurricane Liner' (ストームペガシス・ハリケーン・ライナーダッシュ, Sutōmu Pegashisu Harikēn Rainā Dasshu) is a Balance Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System. It was released in Japan on July 12th, 2019 for 7560円 as a part of the Legend Star Bey Set.

Energy Layer - Storm Pegasis

Main article: Energy Layer - Storm Pegasis

Takara Tomy's Storm Pegasis is an Energy Layer that adapts the Pegasis I Face Bolt, Pegasis I Energy Ring, and Storm Fusion Wheel of the Metal Series' Hybrid Wheel System for the Burst System. As such it resembles the general shape of these parts, with a three-winged design that features moderate Smash Attack. The three parts are noninterchangeable and combined into a single piece. The Pegasis I motif adorns the center of the Energy Layer, with the words "Hybrid" and "Wheel" featured on the sides, referencing the Hybrid Wheel System. Compared to the original parts, the Storm Pegasis Energy Layer is noticeably wider - the "Fusion Wheel" portion of the Energy Layer is made of plastic, with metal lining the circumference.

Forge Disc - Hurricane

Main article: Forge Disc - Hurricane (Takara Tomy)
A Defense Type Disc with a free-rotating blade with sixteen points that can parry any attack without any damage to the main body.
— Official Description

Takara Tomy's Hurricane Forge Disc consists of a metal core and a plastic piece in the shape of a saw blade. The plastic piece has 16 protrusions in total, and is intended to free spin to deflect attacks when Hurricane makes contact with an opponent's Beyblade. In practice, such contact is rare, and thus the plastic piece only serves to scrape the stadium floor, reducing Stamina. Furthermore, Hurricane is one of the lightest among its contemporaries released in the Gatinko Layer System, having overall inferior Defense and Stamina compared to options such as Ratchet and Sting. These factors, combined with its inward weight distribution, make it impractical to use Hurricane over any other Forge Discs released in the Gatinko Layer System.

Performance Tip - Liner'

Main article: Performance Tip - Liner'

Liner' is a Performance Tip that features a free-spinning wheel that's positioned vertically. As its name suggests, Liner' features a "Stabilization" gimmick that is meant to realign the Beyblade; in this case, through the use of its free-spinning wheel.

At first, depending on the parts used, Liner' is mostly stationary and easily takes refuge in the center of the stadium. However, once struck by the opponent, Liner''s free-spinning wheel will move, creating a somewhat erratic movement pattern, and thus, theoretically, will retake refuge in the center of the stadium. In practice, the Beyblade is easily capable of heading back into the center when struck, and thus Liner''s "Stabilization" gimmick works as intended.

At the same time, this gimmick also allows the Beyblade to counterattack the opponent, potentially being able to Knock-Out or Burst them. Sometimes, this even results in continuous head-on collisions. However, while this may imply Attack potential, Liner' can become unbalanced, which acts as a "double-edged sword"; as the unbalanced nature, while it is beneficial in Attack Combinations, can also increase the risk of Bursts and creates poor late-game Stamina. This also makes Liner' ill-suited for Spin-Equalization Combinations, as the late-game unstable spin of the tip's wheel will prevent the Combination's Layer's rubber from making direct contact with the opponent.

As such, Liner' is best suited for Knock-Out Defense Combinations; as the ability to quickly get from the Tornado Ridge to the center of the stadium allows it to avoid potential Knock-Outs than most other Performance Tips, such as Atomic.

Like other Dash Performance Tips, Liner' features a stronger spring lock, increasing the Performance Tip's Burst Resistance.



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  • The color of the Layer mirrors the colors of the Black Hole Galaxy Pegasis.