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Strata Dragoon G is an Hasbro BB type icon attack Attack Type Beyblade released under the Engine Gear System. This Beyblade is the third in "Strata Dragoon" series and was featured in the anime "Beyblade: G-Revolution" and the manga "Beyblade" as the signature Bey for Daichi Sumeragi, replacing his Strata Dragoon V.

Like previous Strata Dragoons Beyblade, Strata Dragoon G features an two-tiered Attack Ring with a free-spinning ring and an Engine Gear core with a flat metal tip.

Bit-Chip (BC): Strata Dragoon

The chip depicts Strata Dragoon.

Attack Ring (AR): Dragon Saucer

Main article: Attack Ring - Dragon Saucer

Weight: 8 Grams
Dragon Saucer is a purple Attack Ring that depicts two dragons on either side. It has the ability to hold a Sub-Attack Ring, and is used in Sub-Attack Ring based Attack Combinations. The Sub-Attack Ring to Dragon Saucer is in the shape of a gear, with notches around the perimeter. This feature makes it useful in Zombie Combinations, using the notches as a way to interlock with the opposing Bey, which causes Spin Steal.

Use in Attack Combinations:
The Attack Ring can be used in conjunction with Screw Zeus by locking the Attack ring in place, which allows for force to transfer more solidly with the contact points on the Sub-Attack Ring.

AR: Dragon Saucer (Gaia Dragoon G)
Sub-AR: Screw Zeus (Zeus)
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Left/Neo Right Spin Gear (Heavy Metal Core) (Metal Driger)
BB: Defense Grip Base (Inverted tip) (Seaborg)

Use in Zombie/LAD Combinations:
As stated earlier, when the Sub-Attack Ring is locked, the notches allow for Spin stealing.

AR: Twin Horn (White Gabriel G)
Sub-AR: Dragon Saucer (Gaia Dragoon G)
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Neo Left Spin Gear (Double Bearing Version) (Burning Kerberous)
SG Shaft: SG (Wolborg 2)
SP: Defense Ring/Cross Survival/Twin Guard (Voltaic Ape, Dranzer V2, Blizzard Orthus)
BB: Customize Grip Base (Dragoon V2)

Weight Disk (WD): 10 Heavy

Main article: Weight Disk - 10 Heavy
Weight Disk - 10 Heavy

Engine Gear (EG): Right Engine Gear (Metal Flat)

Main article: Engine Gear - Right Engine Gear (Metal Flat)

Weight: 11 Grams
The Right Engine Gear (Metal Flat Version) is similar to the Semi-Flat Version. It has a metal flat tip, as its name suggests, and the only difference design wise from the Semi-Flat version, is that the small step is filled in. It performs nearly identical to the Semi-Flat Engine Gear, but has a little more aggression, and a little less stamina. However, due to its height, it’s not useful in any sort of combination, and is outclassed by SG Metal Flat Base 2.

Blade Base (BB): Final Clutch Base (Strata Dragoon G Version)

Main article: Blade Base - Final Clutch Base (Strata Dragoon G Version)

  • Weight: 8 Grams

Final Clutch Base (Strata Dragoon G Version) is the same as most Final Clutch Bases, with the only difference being the design. The design difference that sets it apart from the other Final Clutch Bases is the triangles sticking out along the edges of the base, similar to that of Burning Kerberous’s Support Parts. Final Clutch Base releases its Engine Gear when it gets hit. Due to this, however, it makes the Bey more or less uncontrollable. Not only that, the tall height makes it very susceptible to Upper Attack, thus making this Base unusable for any combinations.



Gaia Dragoon G - Original Version



Other Versions

  • Gaia Dragoon G (Orange)
  • Gaia Dragoon G (Tournament White)
  • Gaia Dragoon G (Tournament Gold)



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