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Strata Dragoon MS or Gaia Dragoon MS (ガイアドラグーンMS, Gaia Doragūn MS) is an Attack Type Beyblade implementing the Hard Metal System. It is Daichi's fourth Beyblade. It evolves from Strata Dragoon G.

Bit Protector: Strata Dragoon

Main article: Bit Protector - Strata Dragoon
Weight: 0.6 grams Full Width: 18.17 mm Height: 6.65 mm

The Bit Protector is the Strata Emblem. It is the first mold version of Bit Protectors.

Attack Ring: Metal Saucer

Main article: Attack Ring - Metal Saucer

Metal Saucer has a very circular form, due in part to its Metal Frame which has 16 gear-like notches surrounding its perimeter. These notches, combined with its circular form, and very light weight make this AR a viable option for Spin Stealing and Survival customizations. It is considered inferior to Advance Balancer from Advance Averazer however due to the shape of its ABS Caul and the fact that a design flaw causes the Metal Frame to rattle around no matter what parts it is used with (this was fixed for Advance Balancer).

Shared Metal Frame

Metal Saucer shares the same Metal Frame as Advance Balancer from Advance Averazer.

Use in Spin Stealing Customization

Contrary to popular belief, Metal Saucer is a usable AR, but as mentioned, only use this when you do not have access to Advance Balancer.

Select your core depending on the situation. If you expect to see more attackers and older stadiums or Tornado Balance Type S, you should select Bearing Core 2 to prevent knock out. If you expect to see Defense or Survival type Beyblades and stadiums like Tornado Balance or Tornado Attack, you should select Bearing Core as it has better survival than Bearing Core 2.

Weight Disk: Circle Heavy

Main article: Weight Disk - Circle Heavy

Circle Heavy is a Weight Disk that, as its name suggests, features a circular design and a heavy weight. Due to its high Outward Weight Distribution (OWD), Circle Heavy excels in both Attack and Defense combinations. Circle Heavy can be used when the much rarer CWD Defense Ring and CWD God Ring Weight Disks are unavailable.

Running Core: Flat Core

Main article: Running Core - Flat Core

Flat core is a completely flat running core. Because of being flat the running core is an attack type but is now easily outclassed.


Even though Strata Dragoon MS was one of the very first HMS to be released, but is still very easily obtained, it has very little collectible value. Its parts are also severely outdated in all respects. There is no reason to buy Strata Dragoon MS, unless you decide to get one for collection purposes.


  • Proto Grey - Released in the 5 Saints Booster.
  • White - Released as a tournament prize for a limited time.
  • Yellow - Released in the HMS Twin Battle Bey Double Shooter Set.
  • Silver - Released as part of a limited-time campaign from Takara-Tomy.
  • Gold - Released as a tournament prize for a limited time.
  • Black - Released in the Beyblade Fukobako Lucky Box.
  • Light Blue - Released as a tournament prize for a limited time.
  • Gold Plated - Released as a tournament prize for a limited time.
  • Pure White - Released as part of a limited-time campaign from Takara-Tomy.
  • Silver - Released as a tournament prize for a limited time.
  • Brown - Unknown