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|owner = [[Daichi Sumeragi]]
|owner = [[Daichi Sumeragi]]
|animedebut = TBA
|animedebut = TBA
|mangadebut = TBA
|mangadebut = Beyblade Vol. 12, Chapter 2:<br>'''Get Beyond the Steel Wall!!'''

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Strata Dragoon Metal Spike
ガイアドラグーンMS (メタルスパイク)
Strata Dragoon-MS
Release Date(s)
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Product Details
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Type: Attack
Parts Information
Bit Protector: Strata Dragoon Emblem
Attack Ring: Metal Saucer
Weight Disk: Circle Heavy
Spinning Core: {{{spinningcore}}}
Fictional Information
Owner: Daichi Sumeragi
Anime debut: TBA
Manga debut: Beyblade Vol. 12, Chapter 2:
Get Beyond the Steel Wall!!

The A-123 Strata Dragoon-MS is an Attack-type Beyblade of the Hard Metal System line. It was released along three other Beyblades implementing this system and was introduced during the "BEGA Arc" of the Beyblade G-Revolution anime series. It was also debuted in the final volumes of the manga series as the main cast, including Daichi, upgraded to the new system. This Beyblade also marks the final Beyblade of the Strata Dragoon series.

Bit Protector (BP): Gaia Emblem

Attack Ring (AR): Metal Saucer

Weight Disk (WD): Circle Heavy

Running Core (RC): Flat Core

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