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Strike Valtryek V3 Infinite, known as Strike God Valkyrie Infinite (ストライクゴッドヴァルキリー・無限, Sutoraiku Goddo Varukirī Mugen) in Japan, is a Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the God Layer System. It was released in Japan on October 21st, 2017 for 6912円 as a part of the Infinite Stadium DX Set.

Energy Layer - Strike Valtryek V3

Main article: Energy Layer - Strike Valtryek V3
Strike God Valkyrie is a God Valkyrie Layer that has been fitted with the Strike God Chip. The Strike God Chip fits into the upper center of the Layer and acts as a Metal God Chip while also disabling God Valkyrie's gimmick, the Bound Wings.

With the Bound Attack gimmick disabled, Strike God Valkyrie’s wings are locked back into their furthest point which consolidates the Layer’s primary wings into one piece and exposes another small point of contact. This new contact point is meant to work with the existing points of contact to, in theory, create a three hit “Barrage Attack”. In practice however, this instead reduces the recoil by covering up the primary blade. Fortunately, the lack of spring means that the impact is not cushioned and ensures that the Attack potential of Strike God Valkyrie exceeds that of its predecessor. However, this also means that Burst risk is heavily increased due to the uncushioned impacts against the wide wings, akin to Legend Spriggan's Left-Spin Mode, though the recoil reducing sub-wings covering the primary wing and strong teeth of the Takara Tomy release can compensate.

While Strike God Valkyrie has greater Burst Attack than its predecessor, the weight increase given by the Strike God Chip is too minuscule to allow the Layer to compare with the weights of current Top-Tier Attack Layers such as Sieg Xcalibur.

Unlike the Takara Tomy Strike God Valkyrie, Hasbro's release of Strike Valtryek V3 is purely a cosmetic change with the Bound Attack gimmick still in place. As such, it is no different than Genesis Valtryek V3 and thus one should refer to the Genesis Valtryek V3 page for information on performance.

Performance Tip - Infinite

Main article: Performance Tip - Infinite
Infinite, unlike other Performance Tips, is not compatible with a Forge Disc, Left-Spin Layer or Launcher as the weight and prongs of a Forge Disc have been integrated directly into Infinite, the thickness of the right sides of the prongs and the width of the prongs prevents a launcher from fitting inside. This is due to the fact that the Tip must be used with the Infinite Beystadium it comes with.

Infinite’s bottom features a wide, low angled cone tip, akin to a larger Wide Defense from Metal Fight Beyblade, that is magnetized, akin to Prototype Nemesis from Metal Fight Beyblade. The magnetic tip connects with the center of the Infinite Beystadium and keeps the Infinite Beyblade fixed in place and spins with the stadium’s motorized center, when knocked off of its perch, the wide cone tip creates a stable, Stamina-conserving spin and brings the Infinite Beyblade back to the spinning center and the heavy weight resists KOs.

Furthermore, the spring of Infinite is much stronger than that of other Performance Tips which increases the Burst resistance of the Layer it’s paired with. Such features are meant to simulate a strong Stationary Defense/Stamina/Attack Type depending on the Layer used in order to practice Banking Shoots with Attack Combinations or test a Combination’s Burst and/or KO resistance.



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