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Striker Drone is a Stealth Battler Beyblade, part of the Extreme Top System. It is based on Ray Striker D125CS and was released in 2012 in North America.


When Striker Drone is hit hard enough the gimmick is triggered and a smaller "Drone" separates from the top component, deploying an additional top to assist in battle.


At about 51 grams, Striker Drone is the heaviest Stealth Battler Beyblade, which along with its round shape, gives it decent Defense capabilities. Its gimmick is also less self-detrimental than others in the Stealth Battlers line. While in practice it may attack itself, at least one of the two components of Striker Drone will likely remain spinning longer than its opponent.

As such, Striker Drone is a must have for competitive bladers of a Stealth Battlers Format.