• MF-H Basalt Horogium 130RS (Yellow)
  • MF-F Nightmare Rex UW145EWD (Red)
  • Metal Face Custom Ver. Tool (Clear Bright Orange)

The Tracks and Bottoms in this set are clear versions

Note: The Sonokong release of the Strongest Blader Set also includes a Bey Deck Case


The Strongest Blader Set contains top tier parts for every type of Beyblade: Nightmare Rex's Bottom EWD is a top tier Stamina part, Basalt and RSF are great Defense parts, and Metal Face Custom Version, which is useful for both Attack and Defense customizations. The main draw of the contents though is Blitz Unicorno, which is exclusive to this set. Unicorno II is a useful Clear Wheel, and RSF is a viable Defense Bottom.

This set is an all-around useful purchase for any competitive Blader, and it is still readily available. It provides a good base to build from for Bladers getting started with competitive battling, but is still useful for those with more complete collections.



  • The Strongest Blader Set was released on the same day as the Random Booster Vol. 8 Jade Jupiter.
  • The reason it is called The Strongest Blader Set may be because it includes parts that is great for each of the Beyblade types: Blitz for Attack, Basalt/Twisted for Defence and EWD for Stamina/Balance.
  • Note that they are all said to be the best parts to use in their types.
  • Middle East Importer NewBoy release this set with a Cosmo Blue Beylauncher.
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