Stuart (鈴鹿 Suzuka) is a minor character from the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: 2000. He is a member of Blade Sharks.

Physical Appearance

He stands out for his feminine appearance and Visual Kei fashion, and is easily recognisable for his purple hair and beauty spot.

Personality & Characteristics

Stuart is one of the more talkative members of the Blade Sharks, aside from Carlos, and shows more initiative than Trevor and Casey. He lead the mission to trap Tyson Granger in the team's hangout (an abandoned warehouse), by kidnapping Kenny and taking Kenny's Laptop in order to gain information on Tyson's Beyblade. He is rarely alone, making it easier for him seem more intimidating and to gang up on others with his teammates.

He prefers Beyblading with Trevor and Casey to playing alone, because the trio are able to perform a special move. However, he was still easily intimidated by Kai even when supported by his friends. In the Russian World Championships Saga, Stuart is seen with Tyson’s friends, Andrew, Nicky and Riley, along with his friends and Blade Sharks members, Casey, Carlos and Trevor as they become allies and supporters of Tyson where they watch Tyson fighting and beybattling Tala on TV.


Shadow Driger

  • Special Move(s): Triangle Attack (with Casey & Trevor)

Stuart uses a grey variation of Star Stinger. It is first seen in Take It To The Max!.