Sunbat United, also known as Real Sun Bat, is a team featured in Beyblade Burst Evolution. They are one of the two teams representing Spain, the other being BC Sol. The team was founded by Wakiya Murasaki (who is also its leader), and their BeyTrainer is Ataru Okinaka.


Member Image


Role Status
Wakiya Murasaki
Wakiya's cool smile
Tempest Wyvron 4Glaive Atomic Leader and Founder Active
Silas Karlisle
Bburstg ep01pic09
Kinetic Satomb 2Glaive Loop Member Defected to BC Sol
Django Del Toro
Django Del Toro (Sunbat United)
Quill Quetziko Quarter Hold Member Active
Guy Spear
Guy Spear (Sunbat United)
Unknown Member Active
Dust Rukane
Dust Rukane (Sunbat United)
Unknown Member Active
Ataru Okinaka
Storm Spryzen Limited Press BeyTrainer Active


Event Result
Team Battle - vs. BC Sol Loss
World League Loss



  • The word 'bat' in the team's name may be a reference to how bats and wyverns, the mythological beast that Wakiya's bey is based on, have similar body structures.
  • Two members of the team use Defense-type beys - Wakiya and Ataru (formerly Silas).


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