Super Burning Uppercut is a Synchrom Special Move used by Zyro Kurogane and Shinobu Hiryūin's Salamander Ifrit W145CF. It is the Synchrome upgrade of Burning Upper.


Salamander Ifrit catches on fire an spirals around the stadium, creating a fiery vortex which drags the opponent towards it. When the opponent gets close, Salamander Ifrit's Synchromed beast erupts in a fiery blaze. Then, Salamander Ifrit releases a combo-attack of barrage-attacking and uppercutting the opponent, sending it flying into the penalty pockets.


  • Although Maru refers to this move as Super Burning Uppercut, Zyro shouts Burning Uppercut when activating this attack, indicating that this really is just an ordinary Burning Uppercut.
    • Also, Maru only called this move Super Burning Uppercut once, when Zyro won by using this attack for the first time.  Though, Zyro did call this attack Super Burning Uppercut when he, Gingka and Kira used their Special Moves to defeat Doji and his robot Beyblade in the series finale.