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Super Control Beyblade is a Beyblade toyline developed and produced by Takara Tomy. They are essentially Takara Tomy's equivalent to Hasbro's IR Spin Control, which is part of the Extreme Top System. The Beyblades have an infrared signal that, when used in conjunction with an infrared controller, can be remotely controlled for up to 15 seconds.

The Super Control Beyblade line was released on July 16, 2011 in Japan.


Super Control Beyblades rely on a controller that uses infrared communication to control the movement of the Super Control Beyblade. All releases are based on their 4D System counterparts, and cannot be disassembled or customized. Each Beyblade has an infrared receiver at the top of the Beyblade, where the translucent plates are located.

Super Control Beyblades have the following possible controls:

  • Accelerate: The Bey increases its speed until, it reaches its top speed.
  • Stop: The Bey stays in one place, with no movement, whats ever.
  • Reverse: The Bey stops, and begins to spin in the opposite direction. (Right-Spin to Left-Spin, or Left-Spin to Right-Spin; depending on the Bey's natural movement)
  • Turbo: The Bey dashes around the BeyStadium, maximizing its top speed to its full potential.

List of Super Control Beyblades



  • The translucent plates, strongly resemble to Bit Protectors from the Plastic Gen.