Super Control Beyblade is a Beyblade line developed and produced by Takara Tomy. They are essentially, Takara Tomy's answer to Hasbro's IR Spin Control, part of the Beyblade: Extreme Top System. In which, the Beyblades have an infrared signal that when used in conjunction with an infrared Controller, can be remotely-controlled for up, to 15 seconds.

Super Control Beyblade was released on July 16, 2011 in Japan,


In 2011 Takara released Super Control beyblades that use a launcher that has wireless control without the need of an antenna; Cosmic Pegasus F:D and L-Drago Destructor F:S are two beyblades that have RC versions. They also have a turbo function that speeds up rotation not unlike Hasbro's engine gear beyblades.

The purpose of Super Control Beyblade, are it's remote-controlled Beyblades where their movement can be controlled by Bladers to make the game more "controllable" than that of the regular Beyblades.

Every Super Control Bey is based in design, to it's regular counterpart. However, the Beys do not use Face's and instead, have a translucent, colour-less plate where the it's infrared signal is located. Some Beys also take alterations in design, such as Big Bang Pegasis; which has a Tornado Clear Wheel in place of Pegasis III. Every Bey even features double-layers on it's 4D Metal Wheel; since it uses infared technology.

Even though the Beys have the design of Clear Wheels, 4D Metal Wheels, and 4D Bottoms, they are somewhat customisable. The Lower disk can be switched.

The Beyblades come with controllers that also serve as Launchers for the Beys and use ripcords as well. They also have the slot for sliding it on a launcher grip. The Controller has an infrared emitter while the Super Control Bey has an infrared receiver; when the Bey receives a signal, a motor directly linked to the axis, spins in the same or opposite direction of movement to control the Beyblade. As of which, Bladers can control the Beys in four attributes:

  • Accelerate: The Bey increases it's speed until, it reaches it's top speed.
  • Stop: The Bey stays in one place, with no movement, whats ever.
  • Reverse: The Bey stops, and begins to spin in the opposite direction. (Right-Spin to Left-Spin, or Left-Spin to Right-Spin; depending on the Bey's natural movement)
  • Turbo: The Bey dashes around the BeyStadium, maximizing it's top speed to it's full potential.

Takara Tomy has also expressed their opinion that Super Control Beyblade will be sold overseas too, not just in Japan.[1][2]

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