The Super Strike (Japanese: スーパーストライク) is a Special Move that was introduced in the "Beyblade Burst" graphic novel series and "Beyblade Burst Superking" TV series and is used by Hyuga Asahi with his Super Hyperion.Xc 1A.


The Super Strike uses the free-spinning ring of the Xceed Performance Tip to change the trajectory of Super Hyperion and evade incoming Attacks before countering with a powerful blow, dealing major damage to the enemy Bey.

In the Graphic Novel

In the TV Series

In Video Games

In the Toyline

超王(スパーキング)アビリティ: スーパーストライク

Superking Ability: Super Strike
The two, huge upper blades of the Ring and the thick striking blade of the Chassis overlap with each other to Burst the opponent!

—Details on packaging of the B-159 Super Hyperion.Xc 1A Booster pack

In the actual product line, the Super Strike is labeled the Superking Ability of the featured Beyblade of the B-159 booster pack: Super Hyperion.Xc 1A. Referencing the information printed on the packaging, the Super Strike uses the Super Ring, in conjunction with the 1A Chassis, to deal immediate Burst Damage to the enemy Bey. This is achieved by the design and architecture of the individual Ring and Chassis components which form a low-angled slope for an enhanced Upper Attack.




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