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The Super Vortex Stadium

The Super Vortex Stadium is a Beyblade: Metal Fusion Stadium. It was released with the Super Vortex Battle Set on August 2010 in North America.


The Super Vortex Stadium is a special Stadium with no penalty pockets, so Beyblades cannot get trapped. Beys oriented towards Smash attack can easily slam into opponents, sending them hurtling into the walls and causing easy sleepouts. This Stadium also help Beys perform a flower pattern due to it's slope, further enforcing its strength for attack type beys. The logo features three slashes and states "SUPER VORTEX STADIUM", one word on each slash. After time, this logo will start to disappear as the paint the logo is made of will rub off onto the tips. This stadium also came in a pack with exclusive Lighting L-Drago and Storm Pegasus.

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Sonic Series Ver.

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