Four Spin Emperors (四転皇, Shitennō), also known as the Supreme Four are a group of Bladers featured in the anime and manga series, Beyblade Burst.

The Supreme Four are powerful Bladers who have earned their titles by participating at the National Tournament and finishing with a high placement. As a result, the title is highly prestigious and Bladers who have the title attract a lot of attention, both at tournaments and in everyday life.


(Both Valt and Aiger can be counted as part of the list. Valt for beating Shu, Xander and Zac, and Aiger for beating Lui and Valt.)

Member Beyblade Status
Shu Kurenai Spryzen Spread Fusion (Manga only)
Storm Spryzen Knuckle Unite (destroyed)
Legend Spryzen 7 Merge (abandoned)
Spryzen Requiem 0 Zeta
Turbo Spryzen 0Wall Zeta'
Xander Shakadera

Xcalius Force Xtreme (Manga only)
Xeno Xcalius Magnum Impact
Surge Xcalius 1 Iron
Breaker Xcalius 1'Dagger Sword (Borrowed from Xavier)

Zac Zillion Zeutron Infinity Weight Active
Lui Shirosagi Lost Luinor Nine Spiral
Nightmare Luinor Destroy (destroyed)
Brutal Luinor 13 Jolt
Rage Longinus Destroy' 3A




  • The group's Japanese name is a pun on the Japanese name of the Four Heavenly Kings, 四天王 (the reading is the same).
  • The Defense-type is the only bey type not to be featured among the Supreme Four, as both Lui and Xander possess Attack-Types.
  • Even though he isn't a part of the Supreme Four, Valt is technically a member due to defeating Xander and Zac in the Semifinals of the first season. Additionally, Valt also defeats Shu in the finals of the second season.
  • Aiger is also technically a member due to defeating Valt And Lui
  • Zac is the only Supreme Four that does not have an Evolution or a Turbo Bey.
    • In addition, he does not have any roles in Evolution or Turbo and is the only one of the group not to appear in Turbo.


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