Sword Flames (ソードフレイムス, Sōdo Fureimusu) are a team featured in the anime series, Beyblade Burst.

Sword Flames is led by Xander Shakadera and currently has three known members. The team uses the Shakadera Dojo as a base for their training, and for any team battles that may occur.


Member Image Beyblade Role Status
Xander Shakadera
Original (13)
Xcalius Force Xtreme (Manga only)
Xcalius X2 Magnum Impact
Xcalius X3 1 Iron
Xcalius X4 1'Dagger Sword (Borrowed from Xavier)
Leader Active
Yugo Nansui
Yegdrion Ring Gyro (Manga only)
Yegdrion Y2 Gravity Yielding
Second-in-Command Active
Ukyo Ibuki
Ukyo looks at Daigo
Unicrest U2 Down Needle Member Active
Quon Limon
Quetziko Q2 Jerk Press Member Active


Sword Flames first collectively appeared in A Group Lesson! Shakadera Special!!, where Xander introduced the group's first member, Yugo Nansui, to the members of the Beigoma Academy BeyClub team. In three practice battles of Valt VS Yugo, Valt VS Xander and Rantaro VS Xander, Sword Flames prevailed with two victories over Beigoma's one.

Starting in Team Battle!! It's Off The Hook!!, Sword Flames entered a single-knockout Team Battle against Beigoma Academy BeyClub. Xander introduced Ukyo Ibuki as the team's third member, and the battle commenced as a 3 vs 4 knockout, with Sword Flames being short one member. Despite this, the first Blader, Ukyo, managed to eliminate both Daigo Kurogami and Rantaro Kiyama with his Bey Unicrest U2 Down Needle, before falling to Ken Midori's Kerbeus K2 Limited Press.

The team battle is set to continue in A Battle of Friendship!, as Xander takes on Ken.


Event Result

Team Battle - vs Beigoma Academy BeyClub

Win (4-2, by bladers);(12-7, by points)
Nationat Team Tournament - Round 1 - Unknown Team Win (3 or 4-0)
Nationat Team Tournament - Round 2 - Beigoma Academy BeyClub Lose (2-3)



  • Most of the bladers on this team have last names that describe seasons.


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